A wedding and a reunion in one day. It’s funny seeing everyone older and larger and people you never thought would have kids chasing at least one, frequently more. It’s also funny seeing people who never hung out or spoke in high school chatting it up over drinks. Back then the politics got in the way, now that we are older we are all in the same boat called “Adulting”. Suddenly it doesn’t matter if you’re a nerd or a jock or a goth or a hippie, you all commiserate about your kids, your divorces, your bills, and your parents. Everyone still has their style, but judgements are much harder to come by than they were in the black hole of adolescence.

Getting old takes its toll. I can’t dance nearly like I used to be able to. I can at least say I danced more than a lot of guys half a decade younger. While carrying a seven year old. And/or a six year old. For over an hour. In no ac. After three bourbon drinks and several beers. And no hang over the next day. Maybe age really hasn’t been that bad to me.

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