At the beginning of the year I declared 2018 to be the “Year of Focus and Discipline.” This year was supposed to be the year when I finally got my self together and became productive. In keeping with that theme I am writing this review several weeks late.

How am I doing with my goal of more focus? As in all things it depends on what you look at. Some parts of my life are more in focus. Other parts not so much. Overall I think I am doing well.

What’s in focus?

My emotions. I am a bit more settled emotionally. I will talk about my anxiety regimine on Friday.

My blogging. I am a bit more committed to this writing thing. Despite sometimes feeling low on ideas, I have managed to keep up with my posting far more regularly than last year. I have made writing a priority and I have managed to stick with it.

My confidence. In writing, in painting, even in my sloppy guitar playing.

My finances. Even though we still have way too much debt and things are super tight, for the first time in my adult life I actually have some clue about where our money is and where it is going (for the ten minutes from deposit to going right back out).

My listening. I think I have gotten better at listening before I speak. My wife may not agree. I’ll have to ask, and then listen to her answer. Likewise I think I am doing better at responding rather than reacting.

What is yet to be focused?

My time management is still terrible. While I have developed some habits it is still difficult to keep track of my hours and days.

My anxiety still gets the best of me at times.

I still flounder a bit at taking care of myself. I do healthy things for awhile and then stop. Then I get bad at helping others because I am so wrecked myself.

Let’s hope the second half of this year is a bit more focused and that I can conquer those things I’m still weak in.

How’s everyone else doing on their New Year’s Resolutions? Do you even remember them? Let me know in the comments!

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