Distractions From the Gospel

St. Augustine

What is the main purpose of a Christian’s life? What is the main job of the church? If you said anything other than “to share the Gospel” you might want to re-read your Bible.

I have noticed a disturbing lack of focus in the church and in the lives of the average American Christian. I have been guilty of this lack of focus as well, so don’t think I am claiming some moral high ground or virtue signalling.

What are we focusing on instead of the Gospel? Well, politics for one. Much of the American church bows at the altar of the State. It gets worked up about the “liberal agenda” or the “problem” of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. If kneeling for the anthem triggers you more than someone speaking the Lord’s name in vain, you might want to consider your idols. Does the State swell your heart with joy more than Christ Himself? Many churches preach Romans 13 as a command to support the State no matter what evils it commits. Instead of preaching the Gospel of Christ, the church often preaches the gospel of the State.

If kneeling for the anthem triggers you more than someone speaking the Lord’s name in vain, you might want to consider your idols.

Another way the church is neglecting the true Gospel is by preaching the false gospel of prosperity. Charismatic preachers like Joel Osteen and Stephen Furtick are telling the lie that everything in this life is wonderful. All we have to do is think positively and grab hold of what God “has planned for us” in order to be saved from our misery. Sin is hardly ever mentioned as the real source of the world’s misery.

Individuals like Rachel Held Evans reduce the gospel to a touchy feely “let’s make the world a better place through political and socio-economic change” message. Blogs are written, books are published, seminars are held. Few of these dare to discuss making the world a better place by speaking the simple truth that Christ died and rose again to save sinners.

I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to being a complete hypocrite about this topic. Unfortunately the Gospel is not often forefront in my mind. Life gets complicated and I forget what’s truly important. Money becomes more important to me than the daily study and meditation on the Word. I am always making excuses for not doing the secular things of life, how much more do I make excuses for neglecting the Sacred?

How are you living and sharing the Gospel? What are you doing to make sure your focus doesn’t drift?

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