Music and arts Monday February 13 2017

It’s been a really busy week for me so this is going to be a bit short. 

This week’s musical recommendation is Chumbawamba’s English Rebel Songs 1381-1984. Back before they were known for Tubthumper they put out a full album of English folk/protest songs. I realize that an anarcho-capitalist like me shouldn’t be listening to anarcho-communist folk songs but I still like the tone of most of them. The musical quality is great, even if the lyrics are a bit propagandizing. If only there were an anarcho-capitalist folk group out there that could write as well as the Socialists. On day perhaps, but for now, check this one out. 

Tom Wesselmann – Country Bouquet with Blue 1991

I don’t have an art reco this week, except to point you at Gandalf’s Gallery over on Flickr. Most of my exposure to different art styles has come from there.  It’s a whole art museum you can view from the comfort of your own home!


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