Welcome to Drip Torch Press, a prescribed fire for the conventional world.

I am Jon, and I am far too complicated for my own good. I always seem to find myself on the contrarian side of all Facebook debates, with both sides hating me. This blog is my attempt to catalog my various unconventional views, and maybe some of my more conventional views. You’ll probably find you agree with me on more topics than either of us would believe.

Much of this blog will be about the two most taboo topics known to American culture: Politics and Religion. Most of it will be about parenting, marriage, minimalism, travel, painting, art, photography, and just about everything else. I will also use this platform to shamelessly promote my other Drip Torch project: Drip Torch Studio, http://www.artpal.com/driptorchstudio .

Politically, I grew up a strong neo-conservative. I come from a staunch Republican background. My childhood was spent stuffing mailboxes for various campaigns with my father and attending fundraiser picnics and the like.  I voted for Bush the first time I voted, then voted for him again four years later. Then I voted McCain and Romney before deciding that voting is violence. Throughout my 20’s I listened to Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, and Sean Hannity every day. I was always sure that big government could solve all our social problems if we just had the right leaders in office. In my late 20’s I was introduced to authors like Ayn Rand and philosphers like John Stuart Mill and Fredric Bastiat. I have slowly become more and more of an Anarcho-Capitalist (AnCap) and have renounced my belief in coercive government. In some of my posts I hope to pick apart old letters I wrote in college to real and fictional newspaper editors.

Religiously I grew up a Presbyterian. I agree with pretty much the entire Westminster Confession of Faith (as much as I’ve read, I’m getting there!) and hold to the Doctrines of Grace and the Solas. This may mean nothing to some of you, don’t worry, I’ll explain it later. I’m also Amil and paedobaptist for anyone who cares. Given the number of FB debates I have had on these subjects, there will definitely be some posts on them. Reformed doctrine itself may not be overly controversial or unconventional, but many of my other thoughts on semi-religious topics might be.

My interests outside of politics and religion include painting and art in general, relationships, homesteading, gardening and farming, woodworking (though my skills are lacking), music, my children, firefighting, forestry, pipes, cigars, and vaping, cheap Scotch, beer, cheaper wine, and so many more things I wouldn’t know where to start. This blog will take a shotgun approach at these things, hitting everything at least once.


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